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This is a repository for customizations for Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT). It includes custom scripts, web services, hta files, and other items to assist you in customizing MDT to fit your environment.

This site is still a work in progress. If you are interested in contributing please send an email to hemsell AT gmail DOT com or Maik DOT Koster AT gmx DOT de.
We are also still on the learning curve with actually using codeplex, so if you are having difficulty finding what you need please shoot us an email so we can sort it out. (No, we can't help you with the slow performance of codeplex itself ;-) )

Instead of using an All-In-One Package you will find separate downloads for some wizards, scripts, the Deployment Webservice etc. As only the latest Release for the full Deployment Webservice is shown on this main page make sure you have a look on the Download Section. Most downloads will also point you to a Blog where you can find more information about the content. If you find any bugs or would like to have some new features included in any of this or simply would like to participate in this just again, drop us an email or post here on the Discussions Forum.

Also make sure to check out the Blog Posts posted below. They will give you some great ideas on how to further customize your Deployments.

There is one larger Projects hosted on this page:

And a couple smaller projects/example files. I also list them here as they tend to get lost in the download list:
  • CustomBootWizard : A custom boot wizard based on the original MDT Wizard. Let's you boot all known and unkown Computers in a SCCM environment and select the Task Sequence that shall be started. See Using a custom Boot Wizard - Step by Step for some more details. (Download)
  • PrettyGoodFrontEndClone : A clone of the PrettyGoodFrontEnd by Johan Arwidmark. It's a custom FrontEnd that can be used to select the Computername Description, OU, MDT Roles and the target Task Sequence before a deployment starts. See PrettyGoodFrontEndClone for some more details. (Download)
  • Moving Computers in Active Directory : Sample script files that use the webservice to move computer accounts in Active Directory during the Deployment. Can be used to implement some kind of staging OU or move the computer to a different OU even if they exist already in AD. See Moving Computers in Active Directory - Step by Step for Details. (Download)
  • Versioning / Monitoring SCCM Task Sequences : Script that runs on a SCCM server to monitor for Task Sequence changes and exports the Task Sequence to an xml file if a change happend. It registers in WMI so will run no matter if a user is logged and even if the server is rebooted. It can be adjusted to the local environment as well. See Versioning / Monitoring SCCM Task Sequences for Details. (Download)

The MDT Web FrontEnd has been moved to it's own CodePlex project on

Please refer to the new location for all Information, Downloads, Questions, etc.

For your own custom webservices, find the sample source code for a Demo Webservice in vb.Net 2008 (Todd Hemsell)
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