Issue - No data being returned for SCCM methods

Jun 2, 2010 at 2:23 AM

Hello, I have a problem with the sccm service of your package.  I am not able to return any data through the web service.  I have the app settings configured properly.  I have attached a snippet from the trace file that you provided.  I believe my problem is being caused by the fact that my WMI namespace /root/sms/site_@@@ is not hosted on the same server as my main site server.  I know that most implementations have these two roles combined on the same server and it has caused us issues with some third party applications before.  I was hoping that you would be able to help out on this one though.  Here is the log file:

SCCM Webservice: Specified root server is {Site Server Name}
SCCM Webservice: Specified SLP server is {Site Server Name}
SCCM Webservice: Specified Root SiteCode is @@@
SCCMController - Connect: Connecting to site code @@@
SiteConnection: SiteConnection: Establishing connection to root server  {Site Server Name}
FindSMSProvider: No site code specified, need to look up the details
FindSMSProvider: Connecting to site server {Site Server Name}
FindSMSProvider: Namespace path for site @@@is \\{WMI Namespace Host}\root\sms\site_@@@
FindSMSProvider: Connecting to provider namespace \\{WMI Namespace Host}\root\sms\site_@@@
SiteConnection: Root server is for site code SRV, no need to look any further.
GetRessourceID: Looking for computer using query string = SELECT * FROM SMS_R_System WHERE (MacAddresses = '00:1D:D8:B7:1E:31')
GetRessourceID: Resource ID of the computer is not known or could not be determined

The code does determine the proper hosts correctly according to the logged information, but no data is returned.  If I use WMIExplorer and execute the query above, I get data returned as expected.  Any thoughts?  I can be more specific if we discuss this offline.  I was thinking of writing this same type of service when I came across yours, so I would really like to be able to use it.


Jun 9, 2010 at 7:44 AM

Very often such problems are related to security/permission issues. Make sure you use the exact same credentials of the IIS Application pool for your test with wmiexplorer or webemtest and see if it still returns the desired results.