Unable to get the MDT web service to talk to the mdt db

Sep 21, 2011 at 8:54 PM

The ad and sccm services are working.

I get valid results back but the mdt one does not return any values.

What is weird is that I get the following in the debug log:

2011-09-21 14:36:19.9078|DEBUG|MaikKoster.Deployment.WebService.MDT|Creating new instance of Active Directory webservice. Current version is
2011-09-21 14:36:19.9078|DEBUG|MaikKoster.Deployment.WebService.MDT|Included Functions: *,*
2011-09-21 14:36:19.9078|DEBUG|MaikKoster.Deployment.WebService.MDT|Excluded Functions:
2011-09-21 14:36:19.9078|DEBUG|MaikKoster.Deployment.WebService.MDT|Called method: GetComputer

Is it normal for the mdt service to use/call the ad service?

Thanks in advance!