GetComputerNameByNetbootGuid returns Http 500 error..

Feb 28, 2013 at 9:32 AM

I'm using the deployment webservice with AD to obtain a computer name when imaging a computer. I've had this working fine through a browser and when doing some test imaging in a virtual machine; today, however, I just get a 500 internal server error!

If i access the webservice via a browser i can get the start page and from there look at the pages for the various option; the majority seem to work, but when i attempt to get a computer name by NetbootGUID or, conversely a NetbootGUID from the computer name i get this 500 error. I've looked at the webservice logs and they appear to be fine - I can see the process as the request is received and the data obtained with no hint of an error. The problem seems to occur at the last step of displaying the data in the browser.

Any hints?