SCCM.asmx/AddComputerToCollection: The operation timed out

May 9, 2013 at 6:16 PM
Hi. I have Deployment Web service (v7.3) setup and running and have been using it since you released it without issues, even previous versions for a few years. Love them.

I have a few different task sequences advertised to several collections, all with unknown support. The problem I have and see from time to time, is that when the service SCCM.asmx/AddComputerToCollection runs to dump the system into the appropriate collection, what is being logged in my frontend script, is

Error executing web service http://SERVER/OSD_Deployment/SCCM.asmx/AddComputerToCollection: The operation timed out (-2147012894)
Unable to call AddComputerToCollection web service.

Then, what appears to happen is an “unknown” record is created in the site. What happens next is when the machine try’s to retrieve policy it is presented with all advertised task sequences, not just the one assigned to the collection selected.

Not sure why the webservice is timing out, I have looked in the iis.logs and see nothing but 200 returns. And there are no event log entries either.

Any suggestions or ideas?