CopyComputer function in AD.asmx

Feb 27, 2014 at 4:47 PM

I am attempting to use the copy computer function to copy the computer in AD with all security groups. It seems to be creating the new object in AD but the new object is not a member of any AD groups. Is this possible? Is there a variable I need in the PropertiesToCopy string.

When I looked at the documentation, I think it was supposed to copy the AD groups automagically?

CopyComputer (SourceComputerName, TargetComputerName, TargetPath, PropertiesToCopy)
Creates a copy of an existing computer account with all specified properties. TargetPath and PropertiesToCopy are optional. On default it will copy the description, the group memberships and the “userAccountControl” that holds certain information about account type etc. If you supply your own properties make sure to include at least the userAccountControl as well. Otherwise you will experience some “interesting” behaviour.

Can somebody help? I am hoping I am just doing something stupid!