PrettyGoodFrontEndClone HasOSDAdvertisement always false

Sep 3, 2010 at 4:09 PM

Very cool stuff.  I've got your version of Johan's Pretty Good Frontend Working.  The only issue I am seeing is that the HasOSDAdvertisement is always reporting false and thus iterating through all 25 "wait" cycles.  After the 25th, it starts up the proper Task Sequence and is on it's merry way. 

When I browse to the Webservice HasOSDAdvertisement and manually enter MAC, UUID, and Site, it returns "False"

I also have Johan's webservice installed.  Obviously, he's using different code, but when I enter the MAC and UUID for HasAdvertisement, it returns "True".


Any ideas on where I can begin troubleshooting this?

Sep 9, 2010 at 6:05 PM

Some more information.  I turned on NLOG tracing and ran the HasOSDAdvertiment WebService.  It appears that the Webservice is discovering an OSD Advertisement, but is still returning False.  See below for captured information.

2010-09-09 12:53:14.1483|DEBUG|MaikKoster.Deployment.SCCM.Controller|Searching for advertisements using query "SELECT * FROM SMS_Advertisement WHERE PackageID IN (SELECT PackageID FROM SMS_TaskSequencePackage WHERE (Type = 2) AND (Description NOT LIKE '%Hidden%')) AND (Comment NOT LIKE '%Hidden%')".
2010-09-09 12:53:14.2107|DEBUG|MaikKoster.Deployment.SCCM.Controller|Added Advertisement FL120013 to ResultSet
2010-09-09 12:53:14.2107|DEBUG|MaikKoster.Deployment.SCCM.Controller|Added Advertisement FL120014 to ResultSet
2010-09-09 12:53:14.2107|DEBUG|MaikKoster.Deployment.SCCM.Controller|Added Advertisement FL120016 to ResultSet
2010-09-09 12:53:14.2107|INFO|MaikKoster.Deployment.SCCM.Controller|Found 3 Advertisements.
2010-09-09 12:53:14.2107|TRACE|MaikKoster.Deployment.SCCM.Controller|leaving method
2010-09-09 12:53:14.2107|DEBUG|MaikKoster.Deployment.SCCM.Controller|Checking current Advertisement.FL120014
2010-09-09 12:53:14.2107|DEBUG|MaikKoster.Deployment.SCCM.Controller|Current Advertisement is an OSD advertisement.
2010-09-09 12:53:14.2107|DEBUG|MaikKoster.Deployment.SCCM.Controller|Request is not limited by collection. Advertisement is valid.
2010-09-09 12:53:14.2107|INFO|MaikKoster.Deployment.SCCM.Controller|An OSD Advertisement is available for computer 184.
2010-09-09 12:53:14.2107|TRACE|MaikKoster.Deployment.SCCM.Controller|leaving method
2010-09-09 12:53:14.2107|INFO|MaikKoster.Deployment.WebService.SCCM|No OSD advertisement available for Computer. Returning False
2010-09-09 12:53:14.2107|TRACE|MaikKoster.Deployment.WebService.SCCM|leaving method

Sep 20, 2010 at 7:56 AM

I just wanted you to know that i'm struggling with the exactly same issue, but i "solved" this by lowering the retry cycle from 25 to 1 in the frontend script. I don't know why the proper task sequence works after it got the False value in return...