Impersonation, authentication WebService

Sep 6, 2011 at 6:26 PM


First of all thanks for this nice WebService ;) !! It will be really nice to have an open source code :p

Here after way to configure impersonation if you want users have to authenticate.

FYI : I’m on W2K8 R2 plateform

Create your AppPool as it’s written in documentation and your site.

Add Basic authentication to IIS role.

Customize your App Pool:

Change the managed pipeline mode to classic (right click on your App Pool -> Basic Settings) and verify Microsoft .Net is selected.

Change Load User Profile to true (right click on your App Pool -> Advanced Settings) and let ApplicationPoolIdentity in Identity.

Customize your virtual folder:

Authentication: activate Basic Authentication and ASP .Net Impersonation (with authenticated user selected) and remove Anonymous and Windows (as you wish)


That’s it :D Impersonation is supposed to work now


Of course it's an AS IS post.