Domain Controller Discovery with Sites

Oct 26, 2011 at 3:57 PM

Hi Maik,

Been using your webservices for ages now and they really do provide a solution to the gaps in MDT.

I have come across a slight issue though since i have added sites to our AD..... We have three domains in our forest, Domain A, B and C lets say..... A is the Root and B and C and are domains with their own name spaces not child domains but still in the same forest. The root doesnt really have too much in it, B and C are the primary domains, now i have two Web applications set up (one for each domain) with their repective credentials to perform the actions for the web services..... this has been running perfectly well untill i did our sites in AD.... Your service from what i see in the logs grabs the subnet, finds the site then pulls a local DC. everytime however it pulls Domain A's DC foir the site even when trying to perform an action against Domain B or C. I get a bad username or password message in your logs, If i specify credentials for the root domain it then searches the root domain and wont find the object,... which makes sense as it doesnt exist in that domain. If i simply put one of the DC's in the ADDomain value it errors trying to find the domain etc and just binds to that DC and all works well... but obviously thats not ideal at all.

Any ideas where im going wrong and why im getting this behaviour?? I am specifically reffering to the SetComputerDescription function.... but am sure im getting it for the MoveComputerToOU as well.



Aug 8, 2012 at 4:50 PM

Is there any update on this? We've just recently added subnet information into our AD sites and now the web services are picking out DCs in the parent domain rather than the child domain where all of the clients exists. Setting the ADDomain value to the DC works as a workaround but we'd be in trouble if this DC went down or was decommissioned.