WebService and multiple domains

Feb 13, 2012 at 6:49 PM

I try to move a Computer Object via webservice and i encounter the following problem.

I have 4 domains to deal with in the same forest. By now, i used to use only one account that has the necessary rights to join Computer objects to each domains. But now, i've just created a staging OU for each domain (because i was bothered by some GPOs during deployment process) and i want to move computers in their production OU at the end of deployment.

I followed a very clear blog post of Maik Koster and the webservice works like a charm... but only when the account used to move the computer object and the computer object are in the same domain. (Because, as i understood, the rootDSE for the search takes the domain of the user account used for the webservice).

Is there a way to modify this behaviour (Execute the request of the computer object based on the OUs and not on the user account domain for example) ?