Please consider adding GetPackages and GetPackagesFiltered to SCCM.asmx

Jan 17, 2013 at 4:49 PM

I would like to see a webservice added that can pull a list of elegible packages/programs for deployment to computers duing OSD

This would use the same method you are using in the MDTWeb Front End to find packages that elegible to be assigned to Roles/Computers/MakeModel/Location.

It would be helpful to be able to get a list of packages that could be assigned to computers directl from SCCM.  The data should be delivered in the same format as is required by MDT to deploy the software during OSD.

My thought is that I could get a list of elegible packages during a pre-hook, and then present the list to a user and the user could select the packages to be deployed to the computer and then I would add those packages to the MDT record for the computer using the MDT webservice.  Currently, I don;t have a way of getting potential packages out of SCCM - the function is there for getting them from the MDTDB, but then they need to be kept in sync.  I would prefer to have access to the same list you are using in the MDT Web Front End.