Please keep in mind for new version

Jan 8, 2015 at 5:14 PM
Maik, I am so very excited to see that you are in the process of releasing an update. I hope that these couple of bug fixes make it into the release.

The first is a problem described here --Wiki Link: [discussion:297424] -- where the webservice doesn't filter on computer objects correctly when doing an add computer to a AD group. If there is a user named the same as a computer object the webservice has trouble because it might see both objects.

The second fix also involves the AD group functions. If you attempt to add a object to an AD group, the webservice returns an error if the object is already in a the target group. The webservice, in my opinion, should view this as a success. If you ask the webservice to add an object to a group and then end result is that that object is in the group - that should be a success. Failure should only be returned if the object is not in the group at the end.

Once these two things are fixed, I can get rid of ADSI in my boot image, which will be a very great thing.

Thanks again for such a great tool. I can't wait for the release and would be happy to do any testing.