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Configure Application settings

The webservice can be configured by some application settings. These settings define, how it access the necessary information from SCCM, MDT and Active Directory.

On default, the webservice will use the configured application pool user for authentication. It requires only a couple Application Settings to be set:
  • RootServer - The SCCM Root Server
  • SLPServer - One SCCM Server with the SLP Role
  • RootSiteCode - The Root site code

For Access to the MDT Database you need to configure at least
  • MDTDBServer - The MDT Database server (with Instance if necessary)
  • MDTDBName - The MDT Database name
  • MDTDBIntegratedSecurity - Set to "True" if you want to use the application pool account for authentication. If set to "False" you need to supply the following two settings
  • MDTDBUser - Username to access the MDT Database
  • MDTDBPassword - Password to access the MDT Database

For Active Directory access, you can optionally configure the following Application Settings. This is only necessary, if the application pool user account does not have enough permissions to do execute the required functions, and/or if you need to access a different domain as the application pool User is member of:
  • ADDomain - Domain to query (use either "" or "DC=Domain,DC=COM" format)
  • ADUsername - Username for authentication
  • ADPassword - Password for authentication

The Application Settings can be configured either using the IIS Manager

In IIS 7
  • Open IIS Manager
  • expand the Webserver Node
  • expand the Sites Node
  • expand your Default Web Site
  • click on the Deployment Webservice Folder/Application
  • Click on the Application Settings Icon on the right side

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Note: The Application Settings are a bit hard to find in IIS6. You need to
  • Open IIS Manager
  • Right click the Virtual Directory of the webservice and choose Properties
  • choose the ASP.NET Tab and click on Edit Configuration...
  • find the Application Settings in the lower area of the General Tab

or simply edit them directly in the web.config

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Trana73 Mar 17, 2014 at 8:45 AM 
Hi Maik! Thanks for a really good web service. We just have one issue. In our infrastructure we use read only domain controllers (not possible to change objects on those), and we use your AD function for moving the computer object. This function is intelligent and finds the dc close to the client executing the request. I took a chance and tried to use the ADDomain setting and hard code the webservice to another dc, but this did not work. Do you have another idea for how we can force the move object function to use one of our read writeable dc instead?

NestOfCables May 3, 2011 at 2:26 PM 
Thanks so much Maik! This will be great in helping me round out my MDT solution.

I'm getting "Cannot resolve image macro, invalid image name or id." errors on the pages though. I'm a noob when it comes to IIS so the images would be helpful. Would it be possible to fix the image references?