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The below content is just for reference purposes until it has been moved completely and all links has been updated. Please refer to the new location for all Information, Downloads, Questions, etc.

The MDT Database is one of the most versatile utilities of MDT. No matter of using it in small or really large deployments, it can help you to reduce the time you need to have all settings configured. But one of the biggest Show stoppers for the MDT Database (and so probably the quite low usage of it) is the Deployment Console itself. Sometimes quite laggy, does not cover all actions possible. And if we start thinking about extending the capabilities of the database or customize the usage of the console you reach a poin where you need to download the source code and code this parts by yourself.

I personally always thought that the Database is a great utility. But I hated the All-Or-Nothing way of it. And in lack of an alternative an idea to create an extensible web based front end has been brought up.

The Frontend is available currently in it's first Beta Version (Download). It is already a full feature replacement of the database part of the Deployment Workbench. Plus some additional features like
  • Search for Locations/MakeModels/Roles/Computers
  • Drag&Drop reordering of Applications/Packages/Administrators AND Roles
  • Edit or delete all instances of the same Application/Package/Administrator
  • Search for Packages directly from a SCCM Server and add them in the appropiatetly formated string

and there is much more to come :-) . See the Screenshots to get a first impression.

It has already been tested a lot (Many thanks to Jason Scheffelmaer who did most of the Alpha version Testing!) but it is Beta, so test it yourself before using it for something which might have negative impact on your environment. You use this on your own risk and I will not be reliable for anything!

Be aware that some parts uses AJAX calls so it might not work as expected with Javascript disabled.

To give you an easy start find more information on the following pages. Please read the carefully, especially the installation instructions:

So please give this a try and if you experience any problem or found a bug in the program don't hesitate to communicate this. It will be a benefit for all of us. Also any comments, suggestions, simply and form of feedback is highly appreciated.

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